Technology Refresh



Frequently Asked Questions

How are computers being prioritized for the refresh program?

To make this process fair for everyone, computers are being prioritized by age (oldest to newest) within categories (labs, faculty/ staff, library, etc.)


How will I be notified that my computer is ready to be replaced/refreshed?

Information Technology Services (ITS), will contact you when you are slated to receive the new computer. 


When will I receive my new computer?

We have currently identified the computers that will be replaced within year 1 of the 3 year process.  We will be placing an order of computers each month.  The following month ITS will be deploying these computers.  As we create each order, User Services will be contacting affected users to let them know they are up for refresh and also confirm the computer type to order.


Can I choose the type of computer for the refresh?

Yes, between Apple and Dell and a laptop or a desktop.

UNE Standard Computer Configurations:


Can I have my laptop replaced with a desktop or visa versa?



I have two computers, can I have both computers replaced?

To ensure we have full funding to refresh a computer for everyone, we will only be replacing one computer per employee unless it is justified and approved by a Dean of VP. 


What will happen with the current computer I am using when it is replaced?

You will not lose any data. Your data will be backed up and migrated to the new computer.  The replaced computer will be erased of all data and removed from campus.  


Who will install my new computer?

A User Services Technician from either campus will help you with this transition.


I have several programs on my current computer that I will need on the new computer-will all of those programs be installed on the new computer?

Yes.  User Services will make sure that the data from the old computers will be transferred over to the new computer and all existing applications/programs on the existing computer will be loaded onto the new computer.  In instances where applications from the old computer may not work on a new operating system, ITS will help research new versions of the software.


Can I have my grant computer replaced via the refresh program?

Depends.  The grant agreement will need to be reviewed to identify how the computer will be treated after the termination of the grant. 


Are cell phones/ smart phones part of the refresh program?

No.   Cell phones and smart phones are not part of the refresh program.  Those devices have separate terms and conditions and plans.


How long will it take after I have been contacted by ITS before I can expect to have the new computer?

We expect to have an average deployment time approximately one month after you have been contacted.  


Do I have to have the computer I’m currently using replaced?  

Yes!  All existing University computers will be replaced over the next 3 years.


I have an old trickle down computer that is used for work-study students; will that computer be part of the refresh program?

Depends.  Trickle down computers currently in use will be assessed for their current use and function.  Students currently using computers that perform a function for the university will be replaced. 


How will you know when my computer is ready to be refreshed again?

We will track the life of each computer and will be automatically notified when 3 years has occurred and the process will begin again.


Are lab computers part of the refresh program?



Are computers in the library part of the refresh program?



I have a new position starting in my department.  Who will pay for this new computer?

The Department is still responsible for paying for new computers.  A form is being created that will be available through the ITS portal for these purchases. 

Can I buy my old computer from the university?