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IBM SPSS Software Request

The IBM SPSS Statistics Standard campus license covers unlimited installations for UNE owned, on-campus computers, PC or Mac, desktop or laptop that are connected to the UNE network.


When installed on a laptop, the software will only be available when connected to the university wired network or employee-access wireless network; when taken off-campus the software will not connect to our license server, and program functionality will not be activated.


To ensure we remain compliant with the campus license, all computers must validate to a license server located on the UNE network.

For those who require access to SPSS off campus, we have a limited number of licenses for home/off-campus use. These licenses are currently being reserved for employees that:


a)    Work remotely and do not have a presence on either campus.

b)   Require the use of the software while traveling or on sabbatical.

c)    Other exceptional circumstances approved by the University’s Chief Information Officer.