IT Purchasing

ITS Purchaser: Catharine Barber
User Services Manager: Kristina Fullerton

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

IT Purchasing is responsible for the purchase of UNEs:

Computer hardware
A/V equipment
Cell Phones
Networked technologies

These items must be inventoried/asset tagged for UNE's audit trail. Other items such as printer ink and toner can be ordered directly by departments.

For orders or inquires please open an IT Help Desk ticket and include as much information as possible. ITS Purchasing will provide quotes, and in the event of an order, a PO to be completed and returned.

You may also open an IT Help Desk ticket to have a technician determine if your current UNE issued computer is due for an ITS covered upgrade/refresh by completing this form. Computers five years and older can qualify for this. Please provide the UNE asset tag number (white UNE barcode/number label), and the service tag number (Dell computers) or the serial number (other computer makes), where available. 

We offer a list of recommended ITS standardized computer and printer models. Wherever possible we purchase a 5 year warranty to match our upgrade/refresh cycle. This document can be viewed below.

ITS Standard System Configurations.docx

IT Purchasing also makes available older equipment that has been replaced. These 'Trickle down' systems can be purchased at a discounted price for use within UNE departments (not for personal use); however, the availability of these systems can not be guaranteed. Please review the Trickle down use policy before opening an IT Help Desk ticket requesting one of these systems.