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Banner Forms Upgrade

The Banner INB upgrade was successfully completed on Sunday, November 22.

This finalized upgrade provided a significant improvement to our Oracle Forms, a critical component of our Banner system.  Due to the nature of the upgrade, it requires that some of the cached files remaining on your computer be deleted before you log into Banner for the first time after the upgrade.

Every person who utilizes Banner will need to have these files deleted before they are able to log into Banner after this upgrade.  Information Technology Services (ITS) has put a process in place to automatically remove these cached files for you.  This process will automatically occur the first time you log into your machine the week following the upgrade (November 23rd - 27th).

In the unlikely event that this automated process does not run correctly or fully complete, you will receive an error message when logging into Banner indicated in the screenshot below:

ITS has developed instructions to assist you with the deletion of these files.  If you have any problems with this process or you wish to have someone assist you over the phone or in person you can also contact the Help Desk for this support.

 Windows PC Users:  Instructions |  Frequently Asked Questions

 Mac Users:  Instructions |  Frequently Asked Questions

To contact the Help Desk:

By Phone:  Call x2487 (207-602-2ITS)


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