How do I use my UNE voicemail?

Please visit the UNE Voice Mail page.

How do I report a problem with my voicemail?

Please visit the UNE Voicemail page to report your problem.

How do I get a UNE cell phone/stipend?

Please visit the Cell Phone/Stipend Request page.

Where do I find a UNE directory?

There are currently three ways to access this information:
  1. On UNE PCs, when signed in with a Novell account, there is a desktop shortcut called UNE Directory. This will open a pdf version of the UNE directory. Please do not leave this file open overnight as this prevents it being updated.
  2. From the main external website,, select Faculty & Staff Directory from the Quicklinks menu. On this page you will find links to several directory listings.
  3. Using the Address book in GroupWise.

How do I reserve a Voicepoint phone?

Please complete a Voicepoint request form here.

How do I set up a conference call?

Please visit the Conference Calling page.