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Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

How do I upgrade to 2016?

ITS is offering 3 options for how you can upgrade. Please review these options at (Link to Upgrade Request Form).

What is new in Office 2016?

Depending on what version of Office you are upgrading from, there may be slight interface changes and features that have been added but the look and feel of Office has not radically changed. You can find out more about Office 2016 at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/What-s-new-and-improved-in-Office-2016-for-Office-365-95c8d81d-08ba-42c1-914f-bca4603e1426

Will I lose any of my setting, email, or documents?


Do I have to upgrade to Office 2016?

Yes. Eventually all departments and computers will be upgraded to the latest version of Office. We have provided several options for how you can upgrade. We want this to be easy and painless for you. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=IcWYFJq0h02TDFCO83sfxsNp_nP-etxDnSwFq9SX-eZUOUNRR0RZR0Q2VU1IQUFJSTJFSTRIVjBWWi4u

Are there any compatibility issues with Office 2016 and previous versions of Office?

None that would prevent users who still have older versions of Office from opening your documents. We will be encouraging all of the UNE community to upgrade to Office 2016.

How do I know what version of Office I have?

The latest version of Office on the Mac is 15.x. Office on Windows should tell you what version it is in the Start menu.

What does the new Help function look like in Word and Excel 2016?

On the ribbon, there is a lightbulb icon and next to it is a box that says, "Tell me what you want to do..." Type in that box your search question.

I heard Office 2016 is designed for collaborative use. What does this mean?

You can share documents with your team and while working on them, you can IM, chat, and see updates in real time. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Collaborate-on-Word-documents-with-real-time-co-authoring-7dd3040c-3f30-4fdd-bab0-8586492a1f1d

What's changed in the 2016 Outlook Calendar?

You can now view different calendars side-by-side.

Are there any big changes in the user interface from Office 2011 to Office 2016? (Mac)

The Ribbon and interface has been updated to standardize the look and feel of Office between Mac and Windows.

Do previous versions of Office need to be uninstalled in order to install 2016?

No. The install process will uninstall previous versions of Office.

Is Office 2016 compatible with Raiser's Edge software?

It is not at this time. Users of Raiser’s Edge should refrain from upgrading.

Is Office 2016 compatible with Dentrix?

It is not at this time. Users of Dentrix should refrain from upgrading.

How do I pin an Office program to my Taskbar? (Windows)

How to I add a shortcut to an Office Program on my Desktop? (Windows)