Why isn’t UNE using Windows 7?

UNE is introducing Windows 7 on selected computers and has plans for all new computers to come with Windows 7 installed in the near future. 

Before rolling out any new operating system we have to ensure that there are no compatibility issues with software that is being run. This can mean that we have to wait for the software companies to release new versions or updates to work with the new operating systems.

What virus protection does UNE use?

UNE official virus protection software is Sophos. This has been installed on all new computers since the 2011 and is installed on any computer that we work on replacing the old software. If you have either McAfee or Microsoft Security Essentials install, please contact the IT Help Desk and request this to be updated to Sophos.

Who do I contact for EVENT support?

If you are scheduling an EVENT to be hosted at UNE and require support for presentations and audio/visual equipment set-up, please contact David Dadiego (ddadiego@une.edu). 

Who can update the University's website?

www.UNE.edu is maintained by UNEs Communication department. To request content change or for general inquires, please contact Neal Jandreau (njandreau@une.edu) or Dick Buhr (rbuhr@une.edu).

my.UNE.edu is maintained by ITS. Please open an IT Help Desk ticket to request changes to this site.

How do I access my documents off campus? & How can I access the network drives on a Mac?

There are two solutions for accessing your documents off campus:
  1. netstorage.une.edu - Access your UNE network drives from anywhere with an Internet connection using any browser. Click here for instruction on how to use this service.
  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) - Not available to all employees and requires approval from Direct supervisor, appropriate VP and CIO. VPN is used to provide employee access to Banner, UNE network drives, and other protected systems. VPN can only be installed on a UNE owned computer. The 'Request for VPN Access' form can be downloaded from here.

How do I connect my mobile device to UNEs wireless network?

To connect your mobile device to the UNE wireless network, please follow instructions here.