Accounts and Email

What accounts do I have access to?

This table displays the accounts available by UNE employment status; once
synchronized, theses accounts all use the same username and password:
Account type Full, Half, and Part Time Adjunct Faculty Consultant and Non-UNE paid
Google (, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, etc) Yes Yes Upon request
U-Online (Employee Self-Service) Yes Yes Upon request
Blackboard (LMS) Yes, if used Yes, if used Upon request
UC Domain (Windows) Yes Yes Upon request
GroupWise (Email) Yes No Upon request
Novell (UNE network) Yes No Upon request

I've forgotten my password.

If you have forgotten your password, but have previously set up your Password Challenge Response questions and answers at the Password Portal (, then you can reset your password by following the link for forgot password? on the Password Portal login page.
Otherwise, please contact the
IT Help Desk where an agent will assist you in resetting your password. You will be asked to verify your identity by providing two of the following four:
    • PRN
    • DOB
    • Zip Code
    • Last 4 digits of SSN (The IT Help Desk will never ask for your full SSN, nor does it have access to see your full SSN)

How do I change my password?

Follow the instructions on this page.

How do I sync my password for single sign-on?

You can now use the same username and password to access these accounts. To synchronize your accounts for single sign-on visit the Password Portal and set your password and Password Challenge Response questions and answers.

How do I access my email on campus?

The official email solution of the University of New England is Office 365. To access via the web enter the following link into any browser:

Faculty and Staff will also have access to the full desktop client to Microsoft Outlook 2007

How do I access my email off campus?

Office 365 web access can be reached with any web browser at The full Outlook client, if installed, can also be configured to access UNE email off campus.

Historic email remains accessible:
GroupWise web access can be reached with any web browser at The full GroupWise application will not work off the UNE network unless you have been setup with and are connected by a VPN.

Gmail can be reached with any web browser at

How do I set up email on my mobile device?

Follow the links on this page.

What is the file attachment size limit for email?

Please visit the Emailing Large Attachments page.

Is there a UNE Drop Box for transferring large files?

Yes. The UNE Drop Box (aka is available to anyone (including non-UNE) for transferring files up to 1.5GB in size. The services has a maximum storage limit of 80GB and files are automatically deleted after 14 days if not collected sooner. The UNE Drop Box can be used to transfer all file types, but .exe files should be zipped/compressed prior to uploading; file names should not include spaces.

Please visit the Emailing Large Attachments page for further information.

Where should I back up my documents?

It is recommended that you back up all important UNE related files to the UNE network H: and I: drives. Saving files to the local computer’s C: drive means that in the event of a hard drive failure your files would be lost. There are other benefits so saving files to the network drives - see How do I access my documents off campus?

Please regularly review the files that you save on the network drives and delete any non-essential or that are no longer needed. This will help free up UNE's finite network storage resources.

How do I access my documents off campus? & How can I access the network drives on a Mac?

There are two solutions for accessing your documents off campus:
  1. - Access your UNE network drives from anywhere with an Internet connection using any browser. Click here for instruction on how to use this service.
  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) - Not available to all employees and requires approval from Direct supervisor, appropriate VP and CIO. VPN is used to provide employee access to Banner, UNE network drives, and other protected systems. VPN can only be installed on a UNE owned computer. The 'Request for VPN Access' form can be downloaded from here.

How do I request access to folders on the network?

Please complete the Network Folder Access request form here. Requesting access to network folders does not guarantee approval will be granted.

How do I access Banner off campus?

Banner off campus access requires a VPN to be configured on a UNE computer. The 'Request for VPN Access' form can be downloaded from here. A Banner account is also needed and the 'Banner Security Form' used to request access to Banner can be found here.

I have a Banner question, who should I talk to?

Banner documentation is available here and a FAQ here. Contact information for the Administrative Application Services group can be found on the Contact Us page.

My name has changed. Can my username be changed to?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your UNE Nor'easter username (used for Novell, GroupWise, myUNE, Google, Blackboard, U-Online). A name change request submitted to Human Resources will result in you name being changed on all UNE documentation, but not your account user name.

I am leaving UNE. What account access will I retain?

All former employees of UNE will retain permanent access to U-Online (employee self-service) to access W-2s and Payroll information.