SafeAssign™ is a plagiarism prevention service, offered by Blackboard to its Blackboard Learning System Enterprise, Vista Enterprise and CE Enterprise clients.  This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.  In addition to acting as a plagiarism deterrent, it also has features designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and importance of proper attribution of any borrowed content.  

SafeAssign is available for Blackboard enterprise clients at no additional cost.

SafeAssign is a part of the Blackboard Beyond family and is centrally hosted by Blackboard, like the rest of the Beyond products and services.  Although it is a new Blackboard service, it is based on a mature and proven technology that Blackboard acquired from Sciworth Inc. (MyDropBox) and enhanced to offer even better stability, performance, and integration with other Blackboard products.  

SafeAssign is delivered and integrated via a Blackboard Building Block or Blackboard PowerLink.  Both are available on Behind the Blackboard for Blackboard System Administrators to download.  Once installed and enabled, instructors can start using SafeAssign right away to prevent plagiarism in their courses.

How Does it Work?

SafeAssign can be used in two ways. 

  1. Instructors can set up SafeAssignments in their Blackboard courses and let students submit papers to these assignments, in a way very similar to the one provided currently by Blackboard Learning System.  As students submit papers, they are checked against SafeAssign's comprehensive databases of source material.  The papers will then be delivered to instructors through the Blackboard Learning System together with the originality reports, with the results of the matching process, attached to them.  >>More on Creating SafeAssignments
  2. Instructors may upload papers directly with the Direct Submit feature, without student involvement.  >>More on Direct Submit

Matching Process

SafeAssign checks all submitted papers against the following databases:

  • Internet - comprehensive index of documents available for public access on the Internet
  • ProQuest ABI/Inform database with over 1,100 publication titles and about 2.6 million articles from '90s to present time, updated weekly (exclusive access)
  • Institutional document archives containing all papers submitted to SafeAssign by users in their respective institutions
  • Global Reference Database containing papers that were volunteered by students from Blackboard client institutions to help prevent cross-institutional plagiarism.

SafeAssign Originality Report

SafeAssign generates an Originality Report with the results of the Matching process.

>>View Sample Report

>>How to Interpret SafeAssign Reports

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