Outlook 365 Video Tutorial Series and Resources

New Features and Benefits of Using Outlook 365 (Browser based  web application OWA)

1. Groups - Click on the image to watch a video introducing you to Groups in Office 365


The following videos are available to support faculty and staff who are using Outlook 2007 (Windows) and Outlook 2011 (Mac) on their UNE desktops and/or laptops.  

Please be sure to choose the topic based on whether you are using a PC or Mac as they do not operate exactly the same across platforms.

Microsoft training for Outlook and other Office apps can be found on the Microsoft training page below.  Select the app related to the version of Office that you are currently using. University computers are currently installed with Office 2007 on PCs  (except public labs and libraries - 2010) and Office 2011 on Macs. 

The University's Office 365 web access email is currently the 2013 version.

Microsoft Office Training Site (Page will open in a new window.)