Blackboard Learn 9.1 Online Tutorials

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Grade Center
Customizing the Grade Center

Using the Performance Dashboard

Viewing Grade Details

Downloading and Uploading Grades

Creating Grade Center Categories

Creating a Grade Center Column

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Creating a Test

Tour the Question Finder

Importing Questions from Microsoft Excel

Creating True or False Questions

Creating a Multiple Answer Question

Creating a Short Answer Question

Creating an Opinion Scale/Likert Question

Creating a Hot Spot Question

Creating a Quiz Bowl Question

Creating a Matching Question

Creating a Fill in the Blank Question

Creating an Ordering Question

Creating a Multiple Choice Question

Creating a Jumbled Sentence Question

Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions

Creating an Essay Question

Creating a Calculated Numeric Question

Creating a Calculated Formula Question


Creating Assignments

Deploying and Grading Group Assignments